Shagging Ponies – GREATEST tITS (2016 – CD)

Releasedate: 06-02-2016
Self Released

Music by Shagging Ponies
Lyrics by Lou DeScorpio
Recorded by Dave Gonzo
Mixed and mastered by Tjaard Walstra
Artwork by AJ Communicatie

Eijer Producties – Foar Dy (2013 – Single)

Releasedate: 20-11-2013
Eijer Producties

Music by Janna Eijer.
Lyrics by Janna Eijer.
Recorded by Siep Dijkstra
Recorded at De Hitfabryk

Sense vs. Santiy – Out of the Void (2013 – CD)

Releasedate: 13-04-2013

Out of the Void was Written by Sander Stegeman and performed by the following musicians:
Sander Stegeman – Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Tom de Wit – Orchestrations, Vocals on #2
Joran Dijkstra – Drums
Richard Sjunnesson (ex-Sonic Syndicate & The Unguided) – Vocals on #2
Jord Otto (Vuur, My Propain, The Blackest Grey & ex-ReVamp) – Guitar solo on #2
Mendel Bij De Leij (Aborted) – Guitar solo on #3
Joop de Rooij (Magion) – Orchestrations, Synthesizers on #7, 8
Bert Heerink (Royal Flush, ex-Vandenberg & ex-Kayak) – Vocals on #9
Andi Kravljaca (Aeon Zen, Silent Call, ex-Seventh Wonder) – Vocals on #11
Marjan Welman (Autumn, Ayreon) – Vocals on #11

25 Jaar Friesland Pop Jubileumfestival (2012 Compilation CD)

For the 25th anniversary of Friesland Pop I played a show with Barry Nice and the Nice Guys & Jankobus Seunnenga. A special cooperation for this anniversery party.

Recorded live December 8 2012 at Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie Leeuwarden. Recorded by Visie-Events/Pro Facilities. Mixed and Mastered by Nico Outhuijse @ The Grien Room (Leeuwarden). © Friesland Pop 2012

Disintegrate – Parasites Of A Shifting Future (2010/2012 – CD)

Releasedate: 27-07-2012
Massacre Records
Originally self released on 17-12-2010

Music by Disintegrate
Lyrics by Danny Boonstra & Jos Hindriks
Recorded by Disintegrate
Drums recorded at De Hitfabryk
Mixed and mastered by Jord Otto
Artwork by Danny Boonstra

Guest appearances:
Guitar solo on Art of Clairvoyance by Jord Otto (Vuur, My Propain, The Blackest Grey & ex-ReVamp)
Female vocals on The Subtle Decay by Claudia Edwards (Lyonite)
Additional keyboards by Methilde Bouma (ex-Sincerus)

Frisian Metal Massacre (2011 – Split-LP)

Releasedate: 18-09-2011
BigBadWolf Records

Disintegrate music by Disintegrate
Disintegrate lyrics by Danny Boonstra & Jos Hindriks
Artwork by Danny Boonstra

Disintegrate – Destructive Capacity (2009 – EP)

Releasedate: 28-02-2009
Self Released

Music by Disintegrate
Lyrics by Danny Boonstra & Jos Hindriks
Bass by Leo van Leijen
Recorded by Disintegrate & Jurrie Meulman
Drums recorded at De Popacademie
Mixed by Jurrie Meulman
Mastered by Peet Ferwerda
Artwork by Danny Boonstra